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Ordering Rx Glasses Online - The Simplest Way To Buy Eyeglasses!

It may sound tricky but ordering glasses online can be a breeze if you choose the right platform. Off-course, ordering rx glasses online has various requisites to tick before a pair of ideal eyeglasses sits on your face.

Since it has become a global practice - to ditch the regular brick-and-mortar - and use platforms such as Goggles4U (Eyewear Superstore) to order prescription glasses online, it's time to unveil the simplest way to order eyeglasses online.

Here's how you order a complete pair of eyeglasses engineered with the right lenses and lens coatings - oh and did we mention our largest collection of 1000+ frame styles online?

Order Glasses at Goggles4U

1) Choose Your Frame

Ordering glasses from anywhere starts off by choosing a frame priced at the cheapest rates. At Goggles4U, we let glass wearers stretch their eyewear options with the widest range of 1000+ frame styles to mark their preferences in color, comfort, and prices.


Acetate is one of the most popular frame materials and is widely available at Goggles4U. Made out of plastic, and fine-tuned with hand polishing, the acetate frame material offers 100+ color choices, styles, and variations in the capacity of solid, dual, and patterned frames.


The skin-friendly metal frame material is another fascination for those who love wearing sleek, and light-weight glasses. Goggles4U ensures a wide variety of metal glasses at the time of ordering glasses online. Made with the famous MIM technology, metal glasses are super durable, and exhibit tons of modern designs to choose from.


Enter Prescription or Send Later

2) Enter Prescription or Send Later

It comes down to an easy form-filling of your prescription. Enter correct prescription values for both eyes denoted by OD and OS. Also, carefully type down the values for the Cylinder (the ratio of astigmatism in your eyes) which is denoted by CYL.

Add PRISM by checking your prescription. You can also choose the SEND LATER option and let one of our customer support agents fill out this form for you.

3) Select Lenses & Lens Coatings

After adding the prescription while ordering rx glasses online - it's time to choose your lenses and lens coatings. At Goggles4U, we have a wide range of choices for both capacities. You can also strengthen your pair of eyeglasses by adding multiple lens coatings.

Single Vision:

Single-vision lenses offer vision clarity for Distance or Reading vision ranges. This type of lens carries a single vision power which is recommended either for near-sightedness or far-sightedness.


Bifocal lenses offer a dual vision range for near and far. It comes with a marked D shape to distinguish between the vision ranges.


Progressive lenses offer a complete vision solution with an integration of 3 ranges in total. It covers near, intermediate (arm's length), and, far vision points with a no-lined area.

Anti-Reflective Lens Coatings:

Anti-reflective coating stops unwanted glare and maintains clarity, whether indoors or outdoors. This coating halts the reflective light from brightening the inner and outer surfaces of the lenses.

Blue Light Lens Coatings:

Blue light lens coating is a remarkable innovation for people who spend prolonged hours on computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other indulging devices. This coating offers precise protection from the blue light radiating on dangerous lengths by electronic devices. It also helps in combating digital eyestrain and other vision-weakening scenarios stemming from the digital world. READ MORE

Trust Pilot Reviews - Goggles4U

4) Pay & Get Your Glasses Delivered!

Enter your shipping information and make payments. Use from multiple payment merchants at Goggles4U. You can choose from Standard & Priority Shipping to expedite the turnaround time of your delivery. Shop your new pair of eyeglasses with premium lenses to see the world as it is - better, clear, mesmerizing, and lively, once again!


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