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Understanding The Different Lens Coatings For Your Eyeglasses Online

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Lens Coatings For Your Eyeglasses Online

Lens coating for your eyeglasses online is an extension of your eyewear’s ability to reduce the unwanted glares, halos, and beams that enter the vision and produce "poor" vision quality for your eyes.

It ensures that your eyewear exhibits the anti-reflective coating glasses on both sides to stabilize your vision especially when you're surrounded by modern billboards, honking cars, sidewalk stands, and other objects that synchronize with the sun to produce a bundle of flashing light rays to ruthlessly damage your vision.

But that's just one scenario: to put it into a different perspective, the blue light coating on prescription hosts its own benefits and saves your eyes from being caught up with digital eyestrain.

Ultimately, it is the lens coating of your eyeglasses that "walks an extra mile" for your vision protection and makes all the difference in maintaining clear sight. But which lens coating is there for your lifestyle? Here we understand the different lens coatings for your eyeglasses online.

Block Glares With Care Get Anti Reflective Coatings!

1) - Block Glares With Care

Get Anti Reflective Coatings

It has become imperative and the need of the hour to have the anti-reflective coating placed on your pair of prescription glasses especially if you're engrossed outdoors and the sun peaking in and out with the UV rays that trouble your sight.

The anti-reflective lens coating for your eyeglasses online creates a shield of protection that doesn't allow extra glares and beams to enter your vision and disrupt its sharp clarity. It also ensures that your facial expressions and eyes have a clearer outlook instead of being bombarded with the rays that cover the front side of your eyewear lenses.

It also helps indoors with its ability to guard your vision against the rays-omitting devices and their prolonged effect on the eyes.

The anti-reflective lenses are also justifiable when using them with high index lenses so that their induction ensures that even in low-light conditions, the coating helps manage vision clarity which is of insurmountable importance, especially at the time of night driving.

This type of coating is universally available to all frame sizes and styles, ensuring that every individual embarks on vision clarity.

Repellent For Wet Lenses Get Hydrophobic Lens Coatings

2) Repellent For Wet Lenses

Get Hydrophobic Lens Coatings

Hydrophobic lens coating has been noted as a smart innovation stemming from the lens industry. This coating ensures that no water droplets or liquid stay on the surface of the lenses, using a special coating that is measured in nanometers and coated over the lens surface.

Knowing that various countries receive considerable annual rainfall, the hydrophobic lenses offer notable climatic protection where water does not disrupt the vision and is broken down with the formulation of chemicals to dismount later.

This type of lens coating ensures that water molecules do not get absorbed in the lenses and open a new door of clarity for those who take "water" as a barrier to their vision.

Not just that, on any given day, prescription glasses featuring hydrophobic lenses have the prowess and potential to keep the dirt elements of "sweat", "dust" and other gunks in the air away from coming in contact with the lens surface.

For example: on a casual day, splashing water on your face and immediately wearing your glasses is an ideal situation for hydrophobics to impress your perception.

You can order your pair of prescription glasses with hydrophobic lenses installed for complete resistance from the water droplets sticking to the lens surface. Further, you can resolve the problem of excess sweat and airy gunk to keep your eyeglasses clean, and your vision corrected all day long.

Get Anti Fog Lens Coatings

3) See Clear Amid Blur

- Get Anti Fog Coatings -

Our anti-fog lens coatings offer a variety of benefits for their uncanny ability to stop the water droplets from the air to come into contact with the lenses. It features a special chemical coating that ensures that your vision remains clear and stable amid rough weather conditions where misty air perches on the landscape or while using the face mask.

It also ensures that no fog gets onto the lens surface while gyming or at the beach. The anti-fog lens coating is a mandatory extension of vision protection especially for people working outdoors and under overcast conditions for visual sharpness.

It assists us in keeping the eyewear vision intact and working despite spending time in the air condition where most people with no anti-fog coating on their prescription glasses may have trouble keeping up with their vision.

This lens coating also offers a sheer prowess of ability to perform well under heat and humidity on any given day which makes it climate-ready and prepared for certain landscapes.

Digitally Protected Vision  Get Blue Light Lens Coating

4) A Digitally Protected Vision

Get Blue Light Lens Coating

A blue light coating on prescription glasses is a modern gateway to protect our eyes from digital devices. Truth be told, it has become a norm to use devices that omit the blue light which eventually lends us a digital strain, red eyes, teary eyes, and whatnot.

This series of vision unrest goes on and snowballs into a rather serious eye condition after a while. Having every digital device casting out blue light, it has become imperative to shop for blue light lens coatings while buying discount eyeglasses online.

Blue light coating saves us from the hap hazards of vision and produces a shield of protection for our prolonged use of digital devices. Whether it's your toddler watching their favorite cartoons or checking on the late-night email in dim light, the blue light coating on prescription glasses fits every lifestyle and saves us from the calamity of losing our sight's natural ability to see clearly.

This type of coating is available for all frame styles and prescriptions. With blue light, we can reframe our screen time with digital devices and be more conscious of creating a safer landscape of digital use for our eyes.


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