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4 Lens Coatings & Their Use-Case With Eyeglasses Online!

4 Lens Coatings & Their Use-Case With Eyeglasses Online!

Although, premium lenses host considerable levels of sharpness, and durability when installed on a pair of prescription eyeglasses, adding lens coating is like enabling your eyeglass lenses to walk an extra mile for your vision. There are multiple benefits of using a variety of lens coatings as they fulfill your daily vision needs.

It becomes inevitable to find ourselves outside, either under the sun or in the midst of high-rise buildings and towering billboards where piercing glares can easily disrupt your vision at any time of the day or even at night with utmost light reflections.

In this case, wearing anti-reflective coating glasses will help stabilize your sight against unwanted glares. Likewise, if you live in a rainy part of the world and receive regular downpour that perches on the surfaces of your lenses, making your vision blurry and uncertain then wearing hydrophobic lenses becomes an invaluable option.

Here's our guide to wearing 4 lens coatings with their use case from the daily routine.

Get Anti-Reflective Lens Coating

1) Look Through Lights

Get Anti-Reflective Lens Coating

Are you tired of random bolts of light blinding you on your way to work or the unwanted glares that hinder your vision while driving past billboards? It's time to refine your eyewear protection with light-reflecting glasses in the form of anti-reflective coatings.

Anti-reflective coating, which people also refer to as the AR lens coating is an essential innovation that is coated on both sides of the lens surface to stomp the buzz of light entering your vision.

The best part about wearing an anti-reflective coating is that it improves your cosmetic appearance by eradicating the convergence of residual reflections from your lenses, making your appearance clean and consistent. Otherwise, glasses that come without AR coatings are likely to cast ambiguous and unwanted reflections of the people looking at you while conversing.


  1. They offer clarity and vision protection for indoors and outdoors

  2. They improve the color contrast for vision

  3. They improve your cosmetic appearance by eliminating lens reflections

  4. They batter out random glares and unwanted rays from entering your retina

  5. They're available to be worn with all frame styles, shapes, and lenses.

  6. They enable you to walk under high-beam landscapes without getting your vision interrupted.

  7. They're great for outdoor endeavors and night-time driving.

Get Hydrophobic Lens Coatings

2) Refine Your Lens Water Resistance

Get Hydrophobic Lens Coatings

Hydro means “water“- so hydrophobic lenses have everything to do with moving water droplets off the lens surface to redeem vision clarity. This can happen during harsh rain, abrupt water splashes, or being under the sun for so long that it starts sweating around your eyes.

The hydrophobic glasses lens contains a special coating prepared out of titanium oxide which halts the convergence of the water droplets from assembling onto the lenses.

This type of lens coating doesn't have a visible extra layer but is engineered to remain invisible in appearance. Further, prescription eyeglasses that bear hydrophobic lenses are advised to be cleaned twice as much as the pair of glasses with any ordinary lens coatings because it's the last of the layers placed for a water-repelling function.


  1. Hydrophobic lenses offer continuous protection against water droplets and air moisture.

  2. This lens coating does not come with any color or shade, as to affect your cosmetic appearance.

  3. Hydrophobic lens coatings are ideal for people living in rainy regions.

  4. Hydrophobics is a stellar item for the sports fraternity to bear the bad weather conditions.

Get UV Lens Coatings

3)Vision Protection From The Sun -

Get UV Lens Coatings

Knowing that the sun is the biggest source of emitting dangerous UV rays right toward our eyes - buying glasses with UV lens coating has become extra important. It saves us from the UVA and UVB rays that weaken our near and far sight and cause cataracts.

The UV-powered eyeglasses or UV lens coatings offer an invisible dye that is smothered on the lens surface to engineer it with a new level of UV protection. The dye involved in the making of UV lens coating blocks the vision-disrupting rays entering the retina and protects from the overexposure of the sun. This lens coating offers an exceptional stride towards having protected vision for both: summers, and winters.


  1. UV lens coatings host an invisible dye that protects your eyes from hazardous sun rays.

  2. This lens coating is applicable to all frame styles, lenses, and lens types.

  3. UV lens coating does not require extra maintenance to remain intact

  4. Glasses with UV-powered lenses can also be used during winter when UVs are far more dangerous than in summer.

  5. UV lens coatings offer protection from UVA and UVB rays collectively.

  6. UV lens coating is different from anti-scratch and anti-glare.

blue light blocking glasses

4) Save Your Eyes From Digit+al Device-

Get Blue Light Lens Coatings

Blue light-blocking glasses is the smartest and safest way to defend your in-born vision from the hap-hazards of modern digital devices. This lens coating which can also be ordered as the anti-reflective Blue light glasses: catches, captures, and stomps the eye-damaging blue hue that comes through at the lowest point in the spectrum of colors.

If we're to wear glasses without having the blue light coatings then blocking the screen-induced blue shade from our eyes may be impossible. The blue light-blocking glasses help protect against the vision-disrupting multimedia light in full detail by matching the frequency of the color entering our retina.


1) Blue light protection glasses are available in all frame styles and sizes.

2) This lens coating improves melatonin for sleep.

3) Blue light-blocking glasses help prevent the digital eyestrain.

4) This lens coating improves visual acuity

5) Blue light protection glasses offer protection from all multimedia devices

6) Blue light lens coatings help stabilize vision in a low-light setting.

7) Blue light lenses offer seamless vision protection for prolonged use of

digital devices (PCs, Laptops, and Tablets)


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