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Blue Light Prescription Glasses | What's The Best Time To Wear Them?

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

In modern times, blue light has become an un-ignorable source of vision disruption which is purposely present around us. But in a parallel world, it's antidote is now available across the width and breadth of the world. We understand the growing tech involvement in everyone's life and how people leisurely spend hours glued to their computer systems, tablets, laptops, smartphones and even worse the gaming consoles.

The blue light blocking glasses provide an exclusive digital protection for your eyes by protecting them in such a way that the lowest rung of the light spectrum that launches a blue color practically gets blocked and deflected from entering your retina which otherwise has full potential to distort your vision. The blue light prescription glasses have the ability to block the hazardous blue light from multimedia devices and correctly aligns our vision with a balanced intake of color spectrum.

It's just not the sun that should be kept at bay for crushing our vision with its mighty UVA and UVB rays but a more challenging task is to protect your eyes from blue light which can otherwise, and massively cause digital eyestrain, wet eyes, red-eye syndrome or nearsightedness. But when should one wear the blue light blocking glasses?

We list 4 ideal scenarios and moments when flaunting your blue-light enabled glasses becomes inevitable and practically beneficial for the eyes.


1) While using your laptop

Finding ourselves within bosom of a computer screen or laptop has become inevitable in today's time. That's when blue light comes into action and start having adverse effects on our eyesight. At the time of using a laptop, wearing blue light blocking glasses is as important as applying sunscreen on a beach day. The prescription blue light glasses offer an immaculate protection and its special coating is suffice to lay bare the negative impacts of a prolonged use of computer screen.

2) While Using Phone Under Dim Light

It is believed that not all sources of blue light are bad; some create a melatonin buzz in our brains for a comfortable sleep. But using mobile phones under dim light has a proven track record of disrupting your vision cycle and causing digital eyestrain. It could also lead to myopia - when a person's intrinsic ability to view things closely gets diminished. The prescription glasses with blue light coatings offer a great solution and makes the endless nighttime internet surfing safer, and lighter for your eyes.

3) While doing outdoor chores

Blue light blocking glasses do not only offer limited digital protection indoors as their special blue coating freely batter the UVB & UVA rays of the sun. That's why it's ideal to wear blue light glasses outdoors while doing chores or at field . It helps in filtering the ultra-violet rays that otherwise directly enters the cornea and breaks the normal vision cycle. Wearing blue light blocking glasses under the scorching sun has created better results for eye protection compared with not wearing it outdoors!

4) While Gaming or Watching TV!

The blue light blocking glasses or the digital screen protection glasses come with an engineered ability of blocking the incoming blue light and protecting your eyes from multiple devices.

Knowing that we've become purposefully surrounded by light-omitting electronics to keep wheeling our corporate endeavors, it has become a dire need to use blue light blocking glasses.

Either you're engrossed in your favorite TV show or about to start a gaming spree with your friends, the prescription eyeglasses with blue light is the answer to provide a safe haven for your eyes.


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