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Know Your Frame Shape Online: Modern Trends & Historic Influence!

Know Your Frame Shape Online

Amid the debate of finding the best eyeglasses online in terms of frame style or face shape - there's a glaring significance of browsing the right frame shape that makes up the eyewear catalog with square eyeglasses, rectangular eyeglasses, or aviator-shaped glasses.

It justifies that delving deeper into the frame shape is equally important when it comes to buying glasses online.

Along with comfort, the frame shape complements your persona and synchronizes well with the anatomy of your face shape: Oval, Round, Square, or Heart-Shaped.

If you're also on the verge of buying a pair of discount eyeglasses online then reading all about the frame shape with its historic influences and modern flare is important to overcome your quick & pesky shopping decisions.

The 4 most commonly worn frame shapes with their historic influence and modern flare.

1) Round Frame Shape Online

The round-shaped spectacles offer controlled yet enlarged circular forefronts that have influenced millions. This frame shape marks its global availability in high-quality plastic and metal with 1000+ colors and styles. After its advent in the early 70's, the round eyeglasses haven't looked back in terms of stylistic popularity and global vision correction.

This frame shape has been worn and promoted by the a-list celebrities such as John Lennon, and Audrey Hepburn in the past and by Paris Hilton in the modern times.

In the first wave of its rollout, the round glasses exhibited a somewhat plain & geeky look until they became the frame shape of the generation when eyewear companies threw a chic & retro-inspired shade on them. Browse the largest collection of round-shaped spectacles here with distinctive preferences for men, and women.

2) Square Frame Shape Online

Square eyeglasses have been at the first rung of the ladder when it comes to browsing the trendiest frame shapes of all time. This frame shape exhibits fascination when it equates the width and height of its forefronts. Over the years, the best square-shaped glasses have offered a refined take on eyewear with their not-too-narrow, and not-too-wide frame dynamics, made with metal and acetate. Further, square eyeglasses offer a comfortable snug fit on the right face shape. This frame shape has been worn by modern-day media personalities and hipster individuals.

3) Cat Eye Frame Shape Online

Cat Eye Glasses or Feline-Inspired Glasses offer a pura diva look when it comes to glasses online. It exhibits a horn-rimmed frame surface, giving it a look and stature of hard plastic but it's comfy and off-the-charts trendy. The cat eyeglasses wear the crown of creative innovation with their iconic upswept corners that contour the women's faces with elusive curiosity.

This frame shape has been flaunted by Marilyn Monroe, Gigi Hadid, and Oprah Winfrey. In the 1950s - this frame swept away its competitors with its winged-out design. In modern times, cat eyeglasses have been revamped into subtle, oversized, and full-blown vintage-inspired frame styles. Shop from the largest collection of cat eyeglasses today!


The rectangle-shaped glasses are proven as an epitome of refinement and sophistication with their wider-than-taller forefront, and considerably thin temple arms to adjust the face contour. This frame shape symbolizes intelligence and skill and is often categorized with the frame shape that imbues confidence and grooms your attendance.


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