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Should You Buy The Blue Light Blocking Prescription Glasses For Kids?

Updated: May 22, 2023

Children Eyeglasses

It has become increasingly important to align your kids with the right way of consuming screen time. Whether it's the toddlers being playful under the sunshine, or the pesky little kids streaming their favorite cartoons before a routine bedtime- using blue light-blocking prescription glasses has become the nexus of saving the children's precious vision.

In this digital era, we cannot skip using such devices that are built out of harmful blue rays - whether it's our child's zoom classes during the pandemic or the use of computers in the classrooms - all come back to one concern: should our kid's prescription glasses include the blue light blocking lenses for added protection in the modern world?

Every kid hosts multiple phases in their life that justify their journey of adolescence and growing up. And their fragility of vision ensures that a need for digital screen protection lenses has become inevitable and ever so needed, today.

Knowing that every kid has easy access to getting caught up with the blue light which emits from digital devices, such as TV, tablet, computer, and mobile phones, it's up to considerate parents to bring in a new type of vision protection - which we today - know as blue light blocking prescription glasses


The kid's vision is delicate and may react faster to the early changes of sight than an adult which prompts notable alertness in using blue light-blocking prescription glasses.

It's reassuring to hear for parents that our blue light glasses offer up to 80% percent protection from hazardous blue rays, and continue to keep the circadian rhythm of your child's eyes in order. But how does blue light do to your kid's vision? Let's find out.

Melatonin Imbalance

The blue light-blocking glasses for kids are an essential way to keep the melatonin ratio intact, and balanced for a comfortable nighttime sleep. Knowing that children take longer than adults to be in sync with their melatonin, using the blue light lenses that control harmful rays is imperative.

Blurry Vision

Persistent use of digital devices that reflect the harmful blue light - akin to the UV rays cast by the sun - can produce blurry vision for kids. While it's still debatable, we can use blue light-blocking glasses for kids to ensure a point of protection from blurry vision and irritating eyes.

Near Sightedness

Kids with blue light exposure but no blue light-blocking glasses are likely to face the most familiar: near-sightedness issues growing up. It's found 56% percent of preschoolers and above. Near-sightedness weakens the ability to see objects from far away while kids can visualize things nearby.

Digital Eyestrain

Kids can persistently suffer from digital eyestrain. Whether it's their cartoon binge, post-school console gaming, or nighttime reading on a tablet, there's a major possibility of having symptoms of digital eyestrain. It can make their eyes red, watery, and somewhat heavy while blinking on and off.


Apparently, the best attribute of making our kids wear their blue light-blocking glasses as a part of their kid's prescription glasses is the liberty of choosing from over 1000+ frame styles that don't compromise their looks and also provide them the technical prowess of blocking the vision-deflating blue rays.

You can browse from the widest range of kid's prescription eyeglasses here - and make choices on the scale of comfort, durability, and styles. The 2 most familiar frame styles that add the "fancy" to the world of kid's eyeglasses online - are square, and round with a full range available here.


Goggles4U offers an unparalleled range of comfy, delicate, face-friendly, and feel-good kid's prescription glasses that range from TR100 (high-quality plastics) to metal-made glasses. Shop for your kid's favorite blue light-blocking prescription glasses and infuse digital protection into your children's vision.

Browse the latest collection of kid's prescription glasses with discounted prices and choose any frame to make it into your next pair of kid's blue light-blocking glasses.

Don't wait! Take your kids' vision to another level by using our special blue light lenses that not only erode the harms of blue light but also benefits your kid's vision with their eye-friendly attributes.


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