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Polycarbonate Glasses: The Ultimate Lens Protection For Your Vision

Updated: May 29, 2023

Polycarbonate Glasses: The Ultimate Lens Protection For Your Vision

Polycarbonate glasses offer a unique innovation to the world of eye vision of being a robust, and shatter-proof plastic lens material with extra thinness, and durability than any other lens material.

The main purpose that polycarbonate eyeglass lenses cover is their engineered ability of being prone to scratches, and damages which seamlessly enhances the life of your pair of eyeglasses.

It also enable people to feel lighter on the eyes with its impeccable ability to handle higher prescriptions with thin indexes, making you look effortlessly younger compared with other lens materials.

Polycarbonate Eyeglasses -  Redefining The Plastic Lenses For Everyone!

Polycarbonate Eyeglasses -

Redefining The Plastic Lenses For Everyone!

The polycarbonate eyeglasses entered the eye vision landscape in the early 1980's - and since then - it has made waves for its impact-bearing and shutter-proof plastic quality which does not only beat the glass lenses but also provides a new level of comfort, clarity, and added UV protection for your pair of eyeglasses.

Originally, the same lens innovation had helped astronauts, sportsmen, and people with clumsy movements and rough outdoor endeavours. Now known as "poly", the polycarbonate glasses offer a unique take on eyewear innovation by being 10 times more durable and stronger than any other glass or plastic lens.

It has shown incredible gyrations of being strong when it abruptly falls and smashes the surface, ultimately saving the pair from being damaged. The best part about having glasses with polycarbonate lenses intact is their universal acceptability across a variety of prescriptions.

Although, it is optametrist’s first choice for kid’s to wear polycarbonate lenses with children frames - it has already gained traction in mature adults and young teens for its unbeatable ability to survive spontaneous slip and slides with added lens protection.

Why Should You Order Polycarbonate Eyeglasses Online?

- rEAD Vision-Related Advantages -

The Polycarbonate lenses do not only offer the right durability for the lenses - they're also flexible when it comes to the add-on features for the vision and reaping benefits out of this next-gen lens technology. Here's a number of points to consider directed towards your benefit at the time of buying polycarbonate eyeglasses and they're as follows:

1) Frame Style Compatibility

You can browse a number of retro, modern, and signature frame styles that align well with the effects of polycarbonate eyeglasses. In addition, ordering the all-new polycarbonate reading glasses is another great idea to enhance your reading capacity of your eyes with guarded protection for lenses.

The absolute thinness of the polycarbonate lenses offer a unique edge to the glass-wearers to cherish the frame style compatibility - order their favourite glasses and get polycarbonate eyeglass lenses inducted.

2) UVA and UVB Enabled Protection

The polycarbonate lenses don't only help when it comes to lens life - it also offers the preparedness to manage your vision by defying the outdoor harms for your eyes in the form of UVA and UVB rays.

Since both come directly from the sun - and carry different levels of intensification - the polycarbonate eyeglass lenses offer a built-in protection to batter the rays and do not let these unwanted flashes of light disrupt our natural vision.

It is fair to state that with polycarbonate glasses - we can acquire strength + protection of the lenses and vision with potential to be durable in the long run.

3) Adaptable To Lens Coatings & Lenses:

Such plastic lenses offer a unique take on their adaptability - by letting us add the most personalized lens coatings to empower our vision further. You can add the top-selling digital screen protection coating to your polycarbonate lenses or add the tints of your choice to flame up the eyewear look.

You also have the option to wear polycarbonate-powered glasses with the lenses of your choice: Single Vision, Bifocals or Progressive with each providing vision clarity to your eyes with different vision ranges.

Ultimately, the pair of polycarbonate glasses is highly adaptable to the lens coatings and lenses, making it a top choice for everyone!


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