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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

In a varying perspective, we should acknowledge and revere the fact that even glasses have become a highly customizable commodity. It is to say - with glasses, we explore a list of wide-ranging add-ons that further make our vision mercurial. In the same context, it’s our core responsibility to look for the right gigs when it comes to buying new prescription glasses.


There are numerous lenses, lens-coatings, and lens-tinting shades available to customize eyeglasses as per your style approach. It’s up to the wearer to be high in openness and order eyeglasses online with coatings and tints that benefit us the most in summers. Explore how mirror tints strengthen your sight and give your attendance a new spin-off of fashion.

Mirror Tints - The Self-Reflecting Lenses

Mirror Tints - The Self-Reflecting Lenses:

At the turn of the century, the self-reflecting lenses have become a style symbol among the glass-wearers for its potential to cast a mirrored look. This is engineered with the soft reflective coating perched upon the forefront of lenses. This layer is relatively thin and doesn’t hard coat the lens surface from any dimension.

Moreover, it’s called “half-silver surfaced”. The question is: how the final mirror look is acquired? It’s by spreading out the reflective particles onto lenses since its minimal presence is ample to gift our glasses a mirrored look. That’s how mirror tints are formed.

Mirror Tints - The Summertime Benefits:

Thinking to add mirror tints to your eyeglasses? That’s a perfect antidote for your vision when it comes to balmy summer days. The bottom line is that mirror tints offer a wide range of vision and the style benefits for your dull & boring glasses. Let’s have a rundown of the summertime benefits that we curate out of prescription glasses with mirror tints:

1) Dodging The Sun Glares:

It’s a misconception in the general belief that only summer sun glares are hazardous for the human eyes. Whereas, the research states otherwise: when the sun's out on a snowy day, it tends to be the biggest source of UV and we must safeguard our vision.

The first and foremost benefit of using mirror tints is its protection from the dodgy sun glares. It’s obvious that we have more outdoor errands to look forward to than indoor ones when it comes to summertime. In such conditions, it is imperative to get mirror tints: to strengthen the vision and protect it from further damage.

2) Brighten Up The Vision:

It comes as a no-brainer when it comes to brightening up the field of vision with mirror tint lenses. Since this commodity reflects light more than it absorbs, it’s beneficial for people who work on the go, such as truck drivers, cyclists and people who work under the sunlight. With mirror tints installed, we also refrain from getting caught up with eye strains.

3) Get Enhanced Durability:

Amidst the frenzy of integrating the self-reflecting tints or the mirror tints, it’s important to understand that they guarantee a spike in the lens's durability. The integration of mirror tints is considered an additional layer of protection for your glasses. It enhances durability and ensures that our glasses become more defiant to the wear and tear situation.

4) Celestial Celeb Exposure:

If you’re convinced about flaunting your next pair of prescription glasses with mirrored lenses then be also up for some celestial celeb exposure. That’s right. This add-on raises your stardom through the similarity from the likes of high-end celebrities. Be it, Emma Watson, Nicole Kidman, Gigi Hadid, etc, all celebrities, especially women, are involved with the mirror tints. Experience this prestige by intertwining your glasses with mirror tints and have new in on styles.

Goggles4U Eyeglasses

Goggles4U Eyeglasses - Get Mirror Tints With Over 1000+ Frames Online:

Sounds convincing? It’s time to revamp your next pair of vision eyeglasses with mirror tints to reflect fun and adventure of your taste. Be it a jog on a balmy summer day or the errands under winter scenics, the idea of flaunting mirror tints is something exclusive for your attendance.

At Goggles4U, we ensure a wide-ranging catalog of frame styles with each pre-qualified to have mirror tints. Whether you are a fashion-frenzy with fascination bursting at the seams for cat eyeglasses or a care-free stylist with love for browline glasses, you can opt for 3 amusing mirror tints online. Get mirror tints on over 1000+ frames to choose from and get in the fashion groove with Goggles4U.

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