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Off The Rims: Ideal Frame Type For Your GLASSES ONLINE

Contrary to popular belief, there's a huge distinction between frame types and frame styles. One is the foundation of the glasses, a structure that is thick or thin and the latter is an appearance, such as Cat Eye Glasses, Browline, or Pilot glasses. Both - at their respective places - are equally important while buying eyeglasses online.

But here's a thing: unlike the linage of the frame styles that embrace the vintage and modern pair of eyeglasses, the total number of frame types online is still limited to 3: full-rim, half-rim, and rimless (body less) - making it easier to hit the dart when it comes to buying prescription glasses online.

Since frame types also deeply resonate with the weight of the frame, its durability, and the way it looks in terms of material volume - it is important to be well-informed in finding the right type for your glasses. Browse the 3 most worn frame types of today and how they benefit your eyewear experience.


1) Full Rim Glasses

- Solidify Your Styles -

The full-rim glasses are sturdy & bold and overlap the entire frame structure with any desired material. It could be high-quality plastic or metal. Its full-fledged body structure enables more room for dual-color patterns, and other fancy designs - making it the most worn nature of eyeglasses. The full-rim frame offers a plastic or metal body that sprawls from its forefront to the temple arms for a sturdy persona.

Whether it's the boldness of the full-rim square eyeglasses or the diva vibes reflecting off the full-rim cat eyeglasses, this frame type solidifies your style and moves your presence toward utmost prominence with dark, and bold colors. Shop for full-rim glasses.

2) Half-Rim Glasses

Opt Fashion - Top or Bottom!

Half-rim eyeglasses or semi-rim frames cover half the structure of the glasses. It means that either plastic or metal covers the upper side of the lenses or the bottom, creating a blend of boldness and subtleties, all at once. Half-rim eyeglasses turn heads for their innovative take on frame types which further stems new frame styles such as the famous browline, half-rimmed cat eyes, and partially framed rectangle glasses.

Designer Glasses

Even half-rim cat eyeglasses have gained traction for their distinctive take on this frame style where the upper part of the lenses exhibits a frame material and the other side has eye wires to compliment the look. Over the years, top-half rim glasses have received more public attention than the ones with the bottom part overlapped.

3) Rimless Glasses

- Intelligence Personified -

Full-rim and half-rim glasses come into the category of bold prescription glasses - but when it comes to rimless glasses for men, and women, the tide changes. It is a frame type without any structure and is comparatively far lighter, delicate, and simple compared with the other two frame types.

The rimless eyeglasses exhibit no body and use their lenses and temples to stay put on the structure. It's also called the "invisible frames" for their ability to dissolve into your facial features.

The best rimless eyeglasses are so minimalist in their build that one can't see them from far away as it's only their temples that carry the volume and weight of the colors. Over the years, rimless glasses have become an emblem of intelligence in the medical fraternity as it offers a smooth, refined, and simplistic look of wearing prescription eyeglasses.

But today - even the youth likes wearing the best rimless eyeglasses for their lightweight existence, and the competitive edge of being as close as invisible on the face. The rimless reading glasses have also gained traction as it cuts out complex color noises and provides a sense of calm and serenity with their minimalistic look.


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